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Newbrooks Mission is to help SME's get better access to the capital markets. We advise and source capital for growth.



Newbrook is a unique capital solution offering for New Zealand-based SME's. We partner with companies looking to grow, restructure and exit which requires skill and capital.

The team brings a diverse background in accounting, finance & venture capital. We are investors ourselves and take a long-term view with our clients.

We also partner with domestic funds and international investors to execute off-market transactions.


Our team consists of consultants across various areas of expertise with the highest levels of confidentiality. 



Specialist M&A services for the SME market including deal structuring, financial modeling, due diligence (Both sides), and transactional support.


Newbrook's consultants are specialists across multiple business aspects from finance to management consulting and project management. This can include deal advisory, cash-flow forecasting, tech roll-outs, succession, and business planning.


When a business is performing well but struggling with cash-flow an overlooked issue can be its financial structure of debt. Newbrook regularly advises on proposed restructures to maximize cash-flow or take out a secured party for a particular reason.


Raising capital for a business can be a complex and time-consuming exercise. Newbrook understands the private capital markets and structures the best source of capital needed for growth.