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Tailored Solutions

For bigger rounds and more complex needs our tailored solutions help you achieve your goals.


Customized financial modelling including P&L, Balance Sheet with cash-flow to run multiple scenarios for a business seeking to understand its financial levers better.


Raising capital can be a complicated undertaking with multiple avenues to source capital. Newbrook specialises in structuring deals and utilise our network of investors and funds to source the right capital for your needs.


Purchasing or selling a business takes time and preparation understanding different aspects from both the buy and sell side. Our M&A experts have real-life experience working in business through both sides of the transaction and can help guide and facilitate this process.


Valuations on businesses are tricky, particularly when it comes to equity value in a private entity for the purposes of divestment or capital raising. Newbrook uses a variety of methods to assist in adopting a fair value based on the transaction and parties involved.


When a business is performing well but struggling with cash flow an overlooked issue can be its financial structure of debt. Newbrook regularly advises on proposed restructures to maximize cash flow or take out a secured party for a particular reason.


Growing a business with a successful strategy takes time and commitment. Newbrook has the ability to co-invest alongside our network to continue on the journey with our clients to assist in maximizing business opportunities.