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Fixed Package

Our fixed fee service is an ideal light touch for smaller raises and 'DIY' rounds.


Review of the financial model for 'sense' checks with assumption gap analysis. The financial model is crucially important when seeking investment or any form of funding. 

Our team takes the time to review your assumptions and model to ensure it makes sense and can be talked to confidently with an investor.


Review of clients Information Memorandum for any gaps and feedback on structure with reccomendations.

The IM is the first thing an investor or fund will see and can be the make or break for a follow-up meeting. 

We cut through the fluff and aid you in crafting an effective IM to deliver what is needed to the reader to get that follow-up conversation.


Indication of pre-money valuation based on current market data we have and other transactions we have been a part of. We also provide some advice around a capital structure (Shares or Debt) 


We have an extensive network of private equity funds, venture capital funds and individual investors. Part of our fixed fee service is a personalised recommendation list to reach out to that would best suit your needs.